About Us

Formed in 2015, Potiskum Writers Association (POWA) is a literary organisation that promotes Nigerian art, culture and literature.

The Potiskum Writers Association is an ideal place to grow as a writer. All the contents on the Potiskum Writers Association website are created and shared by its members. Every month, our members collectively contribute hundreds of literary works, reviews, and forum posts. Users actively share original writing and art, while the community provides constructive feedback necessary to push creators to the next level.

Beyond the literary section, the Potiskum Writers Association hosts engaging research, discussion, and publishing forums. Members are encouraged to collaborate, debate, compete, review, chat, and share photographs in all our thematic areas ranging from creative writing, poetry, essay, drama, diary, short story writing and others - all in a family-friendly environment.

Our Vision

The POWA’s vision is to be a member-driven guild aiming to uphold and enhance the profile and status of authors in Nigeria, through advocating for the recognition of their works and protection of their rights, in collaboration and cooperation with other stakeholders in the book value chain such as publishers, booksellers and libraries.

POWA recognises that authors have the potential to influence society for the better, as expressed in the United Nations development goals of campaigning to end poverty, protecting the environment and promoting peace and prosperity. Authors played a significant role in the Nigeria's struggle for democracy and showed that authors can have power. POWA’s overriding objective is to strengthen the voice of authors in the service of a democratic and egalitarian society.

Our Mission

¤To promote the recognition and fair remuneration of authors, and respect for their rights;

¤To facilitate the creation, publication and dissemination of quality works by both published and aspiring authors;

¤To make and maintain links with and encourage cooperation between authors and others in the book value chain.

Our Values

▪Accountability: POWA will respect the spirit and honour the generosity of its sponsors and funders; and will respect its members by informing them on a regular basis about its policy decisions and its activities, and about events and developments likely to be of interest to them.

▪Integrity: in its dealings POWA will endeavour to remain true to the principles underlying its formation and existence.

▪Transparency: in all its activities, and especially where funds are concerned, as well as the election of board members, POWA will ensure that its procedures are open and transparent.

Our Objectives

•To promote sound professional and legal relationships between authors and publishers and to assist authors in negotiating fair publishing contracts.

•To offer advice and assistance to authors of academic, fiction and non-fiction works.

•To promote members’ publications, both nationally and internationally. To promote and protect freedom of expression.

•To encourage the personal development of aspiring and emerging academic, fiction and non-fiction authors and to offer guidance in all aspects of such writing.

•To provide a forum for debating issues of interest to academic, fiction and non-fiction authors and to provide support and solidarity in interacting with other writers, in Nigeria and abroad.

•To facilitate interaction, exchange and collaboration between writers across the different media and with artists in other disciplines.

•To liaise and cooperate with local, national, regional and international bodies involved in the funding, promotion, distribution and development of writing.

•To promote members’ publications, both nationally and internationally.

•To promote and protect freedom of expression.